How to setup an AWS EC2 instance

1. generate a key pair

1–1. AWS services dashboard (select EC2)
1–2. EC2 Dashboard (select Key Pairs)
1–3. Key pairs list
1–4. Create new key pair
chmod 400 myec2instance.pem

2. create a new user (optional but recommended)

2–1. Services (IAM)
2–2. Users list
2–3. Add user
2–4. Set permission
2–5. New user created
2–5. Login

3. create billing alert (optional but strongly recommended)

3–1. CloudWatch US East (N. Virginia) region
3–2. Select Metric
3–3. Select the metric
3–4. Setup alarm
3–5. Set up alarm level and notification list

4. create a new instance

4–1. EC2 service
4–2. Launch Instance
4–3. Choose AMI (Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS)
4–4. Choose Instance Type
4–5. Choose Key Pair

5. connect remotely to instance

5–1. EC2 Running instances
5–2 Instance Description
ssh -i myec2instance.pem ubuntu@[EC2 Public DNS]



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René-Jean Corneille

René-Jean Corneille

Head of Data Engineering. I write about data science, mlops, python and sometimes C++